Copper Catalysts & Copper Chromite Catalysts

  - Powder and fixed bed types (extrudates & tablets); major     application Fatty Alcohols & Aldehyde to Alcohol conversion

Alumina Catalysts

  - Solid cylinders & ring type; for  dehydration, catalyst carrier

Nickel Catalysts

- Solid fat or Amine coated form, Tablets and Extrudate form. The Raney type Nickel catalysts are supplied under liquid; used in many Hydrogenation reactions

Precious Metal Catalyst for Slurry processes: different % on Carbon Powder & Alumina Powder

- Palladium Catalysts 

- Platinum Catalysts

- Ruthenium Catalysts)

- Rhodium Catalysts 

- Salts of Platinum, Palladium, Ruthenium and Rhodium (various)

Applications in Pharmaceuticals & Speciality Chemicals

Precious Metal Catalyst for Fixed Bed processes

- Palladium on Carbon Extrudates (Fatty Acid hydrogenation)

- Palladium on Coconut Granules (PTA catalyst)

- Palladium & Gold on Proprietary support (VAM catalyst)

- Palladium/Platinum on Spheres/Tablets (Purification of gases)

- Fuel Cells catalysts (Platinum 20% & 40%)

- Precious Metal Salts (Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium & Rhodium)

Speciality Zeolites

- TS1

- Beta Zeolite

- Molecular Sieves (Type 3A, 4A, 5A & 13X); drying applications

This is a non-exhaustive list of products to explain our basic capability. For more information on Catalysts and Precious Metal Salts & Solution products, please write to us. 

Fatty Surfactant Chemicals

We stand out for Fatty Chemicals based on locally available vegetable oils so that our customers get a sustainable competitive advantage and security of supply. India holds an advantageous position in the world market for production of High Erucic Rape Seed Oil (HEARO), Rice Bran Oil and Castor Oil. We have excellent association and relationships at the owner level with some quality manufacturers in India and therefore can offer you our services at very competitive charges in this highly competitive market. Fatty Speciality Chemicals offered by us are KOSHER certified. 

Rapeseed Oil based products

- Rapeseed Fatty Acid

- Erucic acid & its derivatives

- Behenyl Alcohol & its derivatives

- Bio diesel (based on Rape Seed Fatty Acid & Soya Fatty Acid)

Rice Bran Oil based products

- Rice Bran Fatty acids

- Rice Bran Wax

- Palmitic Acid (80%) for Cattle Feed

- Calcium Soap for Cattle Feed

Castor Oil based products

- Hydrogenated castor Oil (HCO)

- 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid

- Recenoleic Acid

- Heptaldehyde

- Methyl Ester of Recenoleic Acid

- Dehydrated castor Oil (DCO)

Surfactant Chemicals

- Ethoxylates of Fatty Acids & Fatty Alcohols (all chain lengths, all    moles. We specialise in long chain Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates and    their derivatives)

- Esters of Fatty acids & Fatty Alcohols

- Fatty Amines


We undertake development of catalytic processes for speciality Oleochemicals & their derivatives. We have an alliance with an Engineering company in India to scale up the developed processes on turnkey basis. For more information, please write to us.