About US

The partners of choice for Catalysts & Fatty Surfactants

Established in 2008, Mab India is a boutique house for a “made to order” experience. Our team has in-depth understanding of technology and applications through decades of professional experience working with top companies such as Unilever, Engelhard Corporation (now BASF), Croda, JM Huber Corporation & National Starch, USA. Mab India specializes in providing tailor-made solutions to our customers including Product Development, Toll  Processing and Private Labelling for various types of Catalysts and Fatty Acid based Speciality Chemicals. We are a knowledge driven company with manufacturing companies in India as our close associates. We focus on products based on raw materials available locally and blend it with our extensive, hands-on knowledge  to deliver maximum value to our customers. With upgraded infrastructure and liberal trade policies, India has emerged as a destination of choice for chemical manufacturing by global MNCs, Trading Houses and trans-national Distributors. We adopt Catalytic processes in manufacturing of most of these chemicals which are environment-friendly and therefore sustainable in long term.

We back our capabilities with the Culture of Confidentiality of the highest order making us a partner of choice for Custom Catalyst Development. Here are a few examples of our developments:

  • Anti-bacterial surface active material development - a top global FMCG company
  • Alumina Catalyst for Methanol Dehydration – a $ 200MM Indian company
  • Copper Catalyst for Fatty Alcohols – Slurry & Fixed Bed
  • Copper Chromite Catalyst for conversion of Aldehyde to Alcohol – a speciality chemical company
  • Beta Zeolite – for an MNC
  • Palladium Catalyst for Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyst - India
  • Metal Scavenger – Pharma application
  • FCC Additive CO Promoter – a global company
  • Speciality Fat as a catalyst carrier – a global MNC

We wish to be a catalyst to accelerate growth. For more informationon on our products & capabilities, please write to us.